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Catie Bragagnolo

Catie Bragagnolo

Catie Bragagnolo – Tattoo Apprentice

I’ve always been interested in creating and appreciating different artwork. Throughout my childhood my father was very proactive about my taking art classes. During my undergrad I attended The American Academy of Art and receive a BFA with a specialization in Oil Painting. The skills and abilities that I learned at this institution provided me with the tactical ability to be a commission artist for a short period of time.

Currently, I am attending the Adler School of Professional Psychology and am in the process of receiving my Masters in Art Therapy and Counseling. I feel that painting will continue to be a passion of mine as my career and genuinely believe that participating in the creative process can be both cathartic and incredibly beneficial in enhancing individual’s well-being.

I first became involved with Sacred as part of a community service internship, over the course of my time working with the organization I have gained the opportunity to participate in a tattoo apprenticeship. This experience has provided me with the insight to fully understand the impact that all symbols can have. It has also reinforced my beliefs in the influence that art can have on any viewer. I believe that these concepts will resonate both in my career as an art therapist as well an artist in all of my future creative endeavors.