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Emalee Kay

Emalee Kay

Emalee completed an apprenticeship under the supervision of renowned tattoo artist Eric Dean Spruth MA, ATR of Miller Beach ink. After completion of her apprenticeship, Emalee was offered the opportunity to become a member of Miller Beach Ink, and gleefully accepted.

Emalee has completed her Master of Art in Counseling Psychology: Art Therapy at Adler University, and fulfilled her Master of Art Qualifying Examination (Thesis equivalent) on the study of tattoo-based art therapy and its affects on individuals who have experienced complex trauma. Drawing from her experiences during her time in clinical practicum at both Sacred Transformations and Cermak Health Services with Cook County Department of Corrections, Emalee has learned how in engage client populations with compassion and empowerment.

The Miller Beach Ink Studio is an evolution from Sacred Transformations ( a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping people who are tattooed, scarred, branded and or burnt from negative experiences to transform those marks into art pieces that celebrate one’s individuality. Upon completion of her master degree, Emalee Kay is now the Director of Art Therapy and Intern Affairs at Sacred Transformations. Your Tattoo from Miller Beach Ink helps support the mission of Sacred Transformations.

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